Upcoming Beach Read from Jill Mansell

This is my first Jill Mansell read, although I do not know why as I am always adoring of her book covers.  But no matter how long it took me to get here, I am here thrilled to be part of the Sourcebooks Landmark tour to promote her latest beach read: MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY out May 2nd, 2017.

Beachcomber Bay graphic

I am going to share my thoughts and following there will be an except from the book and maybe even a giveaway for you.

I am not the fastest reader but this novel was a three day read for me, although I could  have finished in a day if life allowed.  The characters created by Mansell were charming, flawed and vulnerable and we had the chance to get to know them in this short time together.  First off, when you open the book you have a map of St. Carys and the spots that will be referenced throughout the story and which character is located there.

At the heart of the story is love, yet love is not always simple and its timing is not always on our side in all relationships.  Two step sisters are center stage Clemency and Annabelle (Belle) who had a rocky start becoming a family that still spills over into their adult lives.  Mansell creates a plot that is engaging and keeps you turning the page to find out how this will all turn out for family and friends.

The girls end up together in St. Carys and there is sure to be some adventures as their paths cross in the path of love.  Mansell’s supporting characters: Ronan, Sam, Marina, Kate, Josephine and Verity are all a delightful part of the mix.  I for one was not ready for it to end and would definitely jump at the chance to return to life at the bay.  One thing is for sure, Mansell rewards anyone diving in to read MEET ME AT BEACHCOMBER BAY to take a chance on love.



It had happened just before they’d turned eighteen. After almost two years of living together in the prickly way of two teenagers who would far rather not be under the same roof, Belle had acquired a private-school boyfriend called Giles, who’d come to spend a few days with them at Polrennick House the week before Christmas. Typically loud and confident, he’d made a joke one evening about being fought over by the two sisters. The next morning, Clemency had overheard him making a snide comment about her mum having won the lotto jackpot when she’d hooked up with Belle’s father. Later, when she confronted him about it while Belle was upstairs in the shower, Giles had smirked and suggested she was protesting too much. Then, on the last day of his stay, aware of her simmering dislike of him and purely for his own entertainment, he told Belle that her stepsister had made a pass at him.

Belle, believing Giles rather than Clemency, had hit the roof. Clemency, outraged at having been accused of something she hadn’t done, had been incandescent with fury, firstly at not being believed, and secondly because there was no way in the world she’d ever make a pass at the spiteful chinless rat-weasel that was Vile Giles.

Giles had left, but the insult hurling between the two volatile sisters had ricocheted on, and Clemency’s mum and Belle’s dad had been forced to intervene to prevent the upcoming Christmas celebrations being completely ruined. On the surface, at least, a precarious truce had been called.

Two months later, Clemency had begun seeing Pierre, a nineteen-year-old surf instructor who lived in Bude. Pierre was tall and rangy, with sea-green eyes and tangled blond hair. He was a beautiful specimen, confident and funny. A little bit wild, but charming too, he had won Clemency over completely. She’d been smitten, more so than ever before, and the thought of seeing him brightened each day.

Then, at Easter, she went up to Manchester for a week to stay with a friend who’d moved there from Cornwall the previous year. And when she returned, it wasn’t quite the happy homecoming she’d anticipated.

The absence of cars in the driveway had told her that Baz and her mum were both out. Hearing music coming from the first floor, Clemency had made her way up the staircase. When she knocked on Belle’s bedroom door, Belle opened it and said, “Oh, it’s you.” Then, with a little smirk, she allowed the door to swing wide open and added, “Oh dear.”

Except there was no Oh dear about it, because she’d known which train Clemency had been catching and exactly what time she’d be back.

In one way, you almost had to admire her exemplary planning skills, because ensuring that Clemency would be home to see Pierre asleep and sprawled across Belle’s king-size bed in just boxer shorts couldn’t have been easy.

“Why?” Clemency looked at Belle, who was fastening the belt of her green silk robe around her narrow waist. “Why would you do this?”

“Ooh, I don’t know. Maybe because I can?” With an air of triumph, Belle added, “And because it was so easy. And because now you know how it feels.”

Across the room, Pierre’s eyes snapped open and focused on the two sisters. “Oh shit.”

“Hi, honey.” Clemency addressed him with ice in her voice. “I’m home.”

On the outside she might appear cool, but inside her heart felt as though it was disintegrating like a cookie dropped in hot tea.

Pierre said, “Look, it was an accident…”

But Clemency was already shaking her head. “I think you’ll find it was deliberate.” She turned back to Belle. “Do you really like him?”

“He’s got a great body.” Belle shrugged. “We’ve had fun. But he’s not my type.”

“What?” Shocked, Pierre said, “Why not? What’s wrong with me?”

“Seriously?” Clemency counted the reasons on her fingers. “You didn’t have a private-school education, your parents aren’t super wealthy, you ride a moped…”

“So the last week hasn’t meant anything to you?” Pierre stared at Belle in disbelief.

“Well, it meant I got to teach my stepsister a lesson she won’t forget in a hurry. So I’d say that makes it worthwhile.” Belle turned to Clemency. “You can have him back now,” she said flippantly.

“You must be joking. I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole. I never want to see him again.” By some miracle, Clemency managed to hold herself together, though her voice was perilously close to cracking with emotion. “I wish I never had to see either of you again. God, you deserve each other. The pair of you are just…repulsive.”

“Are we? Are we?” Belle’s eyes were glittering. “Serves you right for making a pass at Giles!”


Jill Mansell Book Bundle and British Tumbler

With over 10 million copies sold, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Mansell writes irresistible and funny, poignant and romantic tales for women in the tradition of Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Jojo Moyes. She lives with her partner and their children in Bristol, England.

Buy Links: Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound

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Meredith.jpgA LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT is the fifth book in the Rules for the Reckless Series.  And while I did not read any of the preceding books, I can share this stands on its own. Although, I now plan to pick up the others as I enjoyed this read and Meredith Duran’s enthusiasm for British history.

Duran gives us a romance with strong characters and a plot that is interesting from the first to the last page.  Maybe that sounds like every other romance novel, but this one is ripe with British politics and intrigue that stands on its own yet laced with a tale of love.

Jane Mason and Crispin Burke met under less than ideal circumstances and yet there was something there.  Jane was trapped beneath the evil thumb of her uncle.  But she was hatching a plan to try to free herself and gain access to funds that would free her from this life.  Crispin, in cahoots with her uncle, caught her eye even though she captures him in her needlework as the devil. And while he rescues her from a failed plan, there is a price to be paid.  Crispin is using her to gain intelligence and then…

In a cruel twist of fate, Jane turns the tables and uses Crispin for her own gain. But things don’t exactly go as planned and now these two have a journey to take. And that journey leads them to see parties for whom they are and possible fresh starts for both.

But can you erase what you know and betrayals to start again?  You will have to pick up a copy of Duran’s latest to learn that for yourself.

A LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT is on tour, special thanks to Pocket Books for bringing the tour together. Take a moment or two to visit any or all of the tour stops below:

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The Stones Speak if you Know How to Listen

The Secret Language of Stones Banner

Welcome to the tour stop for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES the latest from M.J. Rose and the 2nd in the DAUGHTERS OF LA LUNE trilogy.  It is hard to resist any of the books/tours of France Book Tours. This is not the first M.J. Rose novel I have read and it feels good to be back in her good care.

Opaline Duplessi is from a family of those who have certain magical gifts.  Opaline was never really aware of what her magical powers were and her mother and grandmother who also possess gifts were happy to keep it that way. 

But with her imminent departure to the states for her safety during WWI Opaline hatched a plan to stay in Europe and find a way to help with the war effort. Opaline fled to family friend’s, the Orloff’s, who own a jewelry store in Paris. The Orloffs were from Russia and Pavel Orloff was a protege of Faberge and known for magnificent gemstones and unique designs. 

It is during her time working at the family’s store, La Fantasie Russie, that Opaline becomes curious about what she suspects her gift is. Here day job is crafting trench watches for soldiers as their fine watches are no good in the trenches of battle. But for those lucky enough to hear word of mouth, Opaline is crafting mourning jewelry for mothers, wives and lovers of those who have fallen in the war speak to her.  During this period in Paris, as a way to protect widows and parents, Opaline’s spiritual assistance is illegal.  

Opaline was earning quite a name for herself when a skeptical mother comes to see her and she takes the commission of crafting an amulet for her.  But instead of a message for the mother, the stone allows the lost son to open communications to her.  As she finds herself falling in love with this spirit she takes  a dangerous adventure that you will have to discover for yourself.  Every time there was a moment to read a chapter it felt as if a spirit were turning those pages but I did not mind.  

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES is my favorite M.J. Rose novel to date, yet I have to admit that I have not read the first book in the trilogy. However, purchasing THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS is a must to connect all of the dots even though this read well as a standalone.  No question I shall be picking up the last of the DAUGHTERS OF LA LUNE but as with all trilogies waiting is so very hard.

Be sure to visit the rest of the tour stops THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONE – France Book Tours, there are giveaways at a number of stops too.  Pick up this or another novel from M.J. Rose if you like a historical fiction backdrop with characters that are well-developed and a glimmer of something magical. 


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It is a Hotel’s Heart – THE LOBBY

The Lobby (1)

Given an opportunity to join CLP Blog Tours for THE LOBBY by Randi M. Sherman I said yes without a delay. Having a hotel as a backdrop is ripe for all kinds of possibilities but the lobby even better. In this case I was more than surprised by the clever way in which Sherman organized this novel.  She chose to use the hour of the day to kick things off we start with 4:00 AM.

At 4:00 AM Hall, the florist, and his son are making a delivery to the Shipley Hotel. That is just the start of a busy day for this San Francisco hotel, it’s staff and guests.  There are two functions a business conference for the Master Flash company and a 30th high school reunion too.  Guests abound with different stories some end quicker than others but it is fitting for twenty-four hours in a hotel.  There are permanent guests like Oscar Pasternak a former actor that was aged out of rolls but is a fixture in the lobby so he comes and goes in any number of chapters. We are even invited to an impromptu wedding and Sherman makes you feel you are a welcomed guest.

So many parties, so many stories…some overlapping and others just stand alone.  It was a light and enjoyable read from start to finish.  I know I am for sure game to return to the Shipley Hotel’s lobby anytime Sherman would like to return.  I whole heartedly recommend this light read for the summer, a simple click away.

Thanks to CLP Blog Tours and Randi here is a excerpt to enjoy:

Slump-shouldered and dizzy from exhaustion, Peggy stretched her neck, took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes, willing herself to be awake and perky. Dressed for the day in her high-rise, poly-blend walking shorts, a muted-colored Madras blouse, and an oversized pastel pink Jazzercise visor, she stood in the hotel lobby. It was only 6:00 a.m. Looking out through the front windows of the hotel, she could see the streets were still practically empty, and even the sun was having second thoughts about starting the day. Waking up before six o’clock in the morning was just too early, especially on a vacation.

“Hank, dear,” she said sweetly, holding a Mylar-wrapped breakfast bar. “Have one of these energy grain bars. It has fiber.”

He snatched it from her, peeled back the wrapper, then shoved it into his mouth and ate it in just two bites. Crumbs flying, he said, “Damned right. I’m not going to wait in line at some overpriced coffee shop for a plate of twelve-dollar eggs. We can have an early lunch.” He spotted a basket of shiny red apples on the registration desk. “Mary Margaret, go get a few of those too. They will tide us over.”

 Peggy’s movements are hindered by the beige naugahyde pocket-for-everything purse that was slung over her head and shoulder, crossing her chest. The purse strap was too short for it to be worn this way. It cut tightly between her breasts and rested at her side, just below her armpit, causing her arm to hang at a forty-five degree angle from her body.

 “You can never be too careful, Mary Margaret.” Hank checked the positioning of her bag. “I hear there is a lot of purse snatching going on in this city.” He stood back to take a look at her. “Maybe you should put on your sweater—you look like a tourist. You’re just inviting trouble.”

 It was big talk from Hank, who was dressed in brighter than-white walking shoes with Velcro closures for efficiency, an AARP fanny pack, and his new short-sleeved sport shirt which was tucked tightly into his underwear beneath his sans-a-belt, high-water polyester dress slacks, replete with a bulging back pocket due to an overstuffed wallet. Clutching his cartoonish city map like it was the map to the Holy Grail, Hank marched toward the morning clerk who was standing behind the front desk. He pointed at Peggy’s feet. “Pick ‘em up and lay ‘em down. We have a lot to do today, and it’s already after six.” With purpose, Hank asked the desk clerk Candice, “Is the conger . . . conseer here?”

 Another typical tourist, Candice thought. Ready to go at the crack of dawn. Should I tell him that with the exception of a Starbucks, nothing in this city is open before nine? “Good morning, sir,” Candice smiled. “I see you are up early. I’m sorry sir, but Philippe, the concierge, does not get in until nine o’clock. Perhaps I can help you with something?”

 “Yes, you can. We have a heavy day of sightseeing ahead of us, and I want to be efficient about it.” Hank slapped the map down on the counter.

 “Okay, I’ll see what I can do. What would you like to do today?” Candice smiled again, as she was trained to do. 

“Well,” Hank began, “today we want to walk across theGolden Gate Bridge, ride on a cable car, go to the Cable Car Museum, Fisherman’s Wharf, that curvy Lombardo Street, Golden Gate Park, the Legion of Honor, the Cannery, and Alcatraz.”

 Peggy tapped Hank on the shoulder. “And don’t forget Union Square, Hank.”

 “You can shop at home,” He called over his shoulder. Turning back to Candice, “What’s the best route? I’d like to work from furthest to closest.” Hank was all about efficiency. “It’s all about organization,” he explained. If a household task could be wrapped up in five minutes he found a way to do it in four. “In the military . . .” Hank would say and then fill in the blank with the most Hank-a-fied, time-efficient way to do something. He meant well, but Peggy knew that he usually made it up as he went along.

 Peggy had always hated being called Mary Margaret, Hun, or Marge, but Hank insisted. She endured Hank’s bossy, blow-hard-headedness all for the sake of keeping him calm. They had been married for thirty-five years, and she figured it was probably her fault that he was the way he was. After all, she had been raised to be agreeable. But she secretly wanted to break free of the middle of the row, middle class, very average, superefficient life she was leading and do something wild, something unplanned. Thursday night Bingo just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Anything new or different would be welcome. Dining out somewhere other than the two places in town where Hank was comfortable and where he didn’t spend twenty minutes raving about the “cost of things”— that would be good. Sex with the lights on or for longer than two minutes would be a welcome change. But neither would be enough. Peggy craved the life that she saw on the morning and afternoon talk shows. The life where people were frivolous and chatty, who drank champagne any day, for any occasion, not just at 11:55 PM on December 31st. Wearing a piece of clothing that wasn’t labeled “wash-n-wear” or blended with some fabric that’s name ended in -ester or -oline would be heaven after years in flammable synthetic clothing.


To catch other legs of this tour please visit CLP Blog Tours




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Book Tour Stop & Giveaway – THE RAILWAY MAN’S WIFE

04_The Railwayman's Wife_Blog Tour Banner_FINAL.png

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FALL OF POPPIES – A Taste of Post War Despair

FallofPoppies_cover (1).jpgFALL OF POPPIES is a collection of stories that takes place after WWI. They do not take place in the same country or even with the same point of view. There are both male and female leads and they involve both those having served in the war and those civilians touched by the war.  In all cases Armistice Day is the anchor.

I wish I could say that each story was joyful but than the authors would not have been true to the mission.  While there are glimpses of joy in these powerful stories they are emotional and pull at your heart strings in different ways.  Each offering in this anthology shares an intimate struggle for those trying to pick up the pieces of their lives that have been directly impacted by WWI.

A number of the contributing authors are favorites and there are other author finds within as well. Contributing authors are: Heather Webb who also serves as editor (read everything she has written); Hazel Gaynor (read everything she has written); Beatriz Williams (read everything she has written); Jennifer Robson (read everything she has written this year); Jessica Brockmole ; Kate Kerrigan; Evangeline Holland; Lauren Willig (read many but not current) and Marci Jefferson.

A number of the stories ended before I was ready for them to end. That is both the ease of an anthology but in some cases the frustration as well. While tweeting about reading this book one of the contributors, Beatriz Williams, shared that her character Octavian has more in her new book coming out later this year. Ladies I would not mind if that were the case across the board in fact that would be kind of genius although my TBR pile might topple because I would have to acquire them all.

Thanks to Tasty Tours for this opportunity to share the stories in this anthology. Please be sure to check out the other stops on the tour that is making its way to a finish this week:

If you love historical fiction, enjoy any of these talented authors or are seeking to discover new favorites you do not want to miss this anthology. Tasty Tours is providing three copies of FALL OF POPPIES for giveaway:  http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/521ac4c8947/


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CLUTCH: See what is inside this book.

CLUTCH is by Lisa Becker and am delighted to feature it with a special giveaway. When Lisa tweeted me about doing a feature I said yes for four reasons. One, very brave thing to do; she has written a novel and I have not; three, this novel has purses throughout; and last, but not least, my best friend from college shares the same last name. So it seemed like fate had struck a bull’s eye.

Clutch Novel

CLUTCH is a light read that will be the make you smile throughout your read. CLUTCH is perfect for the stockings hung with care for the fiction light reader on your list. Cleverly Becker utilizes purses throughout; they are even chapter headings which I adored. As a purse gal this was right up my alley.

What is inside: In Caroline’s youth her Aunt Mimi gives her a purse and that plus pearls of wisdom leads her love for purses in to a business. Caroline attends Harvard MBA program with the urging of her Aunt Mimi. There she meets Mike who is also following his dreams.

Post graduation they head to LA where he opens a bar and she launches her handbag line. Years go by and these friends share everything. Mike is a serial dater of including those that work at his bar and Caroline’s friends as well. Caroline cannot seem to find a guy that wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Things wrap up with a bow on top in the last chapter titled CLUTCH. Once again Aunt Mimi’s sage words guide Caroline to “hold tight”.

Giveaway: I am so fortunate to be able to give one lucky visitor a clutch purse. That is right this darling authorpreneur found a way to provide purses to to celebrate the publication of her new novel. With the holidays around the corner we are in search of gift ideas for others but this just might be a perfect gift for you. Enter to win a beautiful lime green clutch.



Giveaway below runs from Sunday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 30th.  Winner is limited to a US residents 18+ only. Must be able to ship to a mailing address; no PO Boxes.

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