CLUTCH: See what is inside this book.

CLUTCH is by Lisa Becker and am delighted to feature it with a special giveaway. When Lisa tweeted me about doing a feature I said yes for four reasons. One, very brave thing to do; she has written a novel and I have not; three, this novel has purses throughout; and last, but not least, my best friend from college shares the same last name. So it seemed like fate had struck a bull’s eye.

Clutch Novel

CLUTCH is a light read that will be the make you smile throughout your read. CLUTCH is perfect for the stockings hung with care for the fiction light reader on your list. Cleverly Becker utilizes purses throughout; they are even chapter headings which I adored. As a purse gal this was right up my alley.

What is inside: In Caroline’s youth her Aunt Mimi gives her a purse and that plus pearls of wisdom leads her love for purses in to a business. Caroline attends Harvard MBA program with the urging of her Aunt Mimi. There she meets Mike who is also following his dreams.

Post graduation they head to LA where he opens a bar and she launches her handbag line. Years go by and these friends share everything. Mike is a serial dater of including those that work at his bar and Caroline’s friends as well. Caroline cannot seem to find a guy that wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Things wrap up with a bow on top in the last chapter titled CLUTCH. Once again Aunt Mimi’s sage words guide Caroline to “hold tight”.

Giveaway: I am so fortunate to be able to give one lucky visitor a clutch purse. That is right this darling authorpreneur found a way to provide purses to to celebrate the publication of her new novel. With the holidays around the corner we are in search of gift ideas for others but this just might be a perfect gift for you. Enter to win a beautiful lime green clutch.



Giveaway below runs from Sunday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 30th.  Winner is limited to a US residents 18+ only. Must be able to ship to a mailing address; no PO Boxes.

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2 Responses to CLUTCH: See what is inside this book.

  1. Betty W says:

    I adore handbags, any style, any material, any color! Having said that, I will admit to clutches being one of my favorites! Thank you for a lovely contest and I can’t wait to read your book!

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