The Stones Speak if you Know How to Listen

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Welcome to the tour stop for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES the latest from M.J. Rose and the 2nd in the DAUGHTERS OF LA LUNE trilogy.  It is hard to resist any of the books/tours of France Book Tours. This is not the first M.J. Rose novel I have read and it feels good to be back in her good care.

Opaline Duplessi is from a family of those who have certain magical gifts.  Opaline was never really aware of what her magical powers were and her mother and grandmother who also possess gifts were happy to keep it that way. 

But with her imminent departure to the states for her safety during WWI Opaline hatched a plan to stay in Europe and find a way to help with the war effort. Opaline fled to family friend’s, the Orloff’s, who own a jewelry store in Paris. The Orloffs were from Russia and Pavel Orloff was a protege of Faberge and known for magnificent gemstones and unique designs. 

It is during her time working at the family’s store, La Fantasie Russie, that Opaline becomes curious about what she suspects her gift is. Here day job is crafting trench watches for soldiers as their fine watches are no good in the trenches of battle. But for those lucky enough to hear word of mouth, Opaline is crafting mourning jewelry for mothers, wives and lovers of those who have fallen in the war speak to her.  During this period in Paris, as a way to protect widows and parents, Opaline’s spiritual assistance is illegal.  

Opaline was earning quite a name for herself when a skeptical mother comes to see her and she takes the commission of crafting an amulet for her.  But instead of a message for the mother, the stone allows the lost son to open communications to her.  As she finds herself falling in love with this spirit she takes  a dangerous adventure that you will have to discover for yourself.  Every time there was a moment to read a chapter it felt as if a spirit were turning those pages but I did not mind.  

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES is my favorite M.J. Rose novel to date, yet I have to admit that I have not read the first book in the trilogy. However, purchasing THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS is a must to connect all of the dots even though this read well as a standalone.  No question I shall be picking up the last of the DAUGHTERS OF LA LUNE but as with all trilogies waiting is so very hard.

Be sure to visit the rest of the tour stops THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONE – France Book Tours, there are giveaways at a number of stops too.  Pick up this or another novel from M.J. Rose if you like a historical fiction backdrop with characters that are well-developed and a glimmer of something magical. 



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  2. mjroseauthor says:

    Thank you so much – its my favorite to have written:)

  3. mjroseauthor says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. thanks for your enthusiastic review, glad you liked it, and it’s wonderful to have you back! Emma at FBT

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