FALL OF POPPIES – A Taste of Post War Despair

FallofPoppies_cover (1).jpgFALL OF POPPIES is a collection of stories that takes place after WWI. They do not take place in the same country or even with the same point of view. There are both male and female leads and they involve both those having served in the war and those civilians touched by the war.  In all cases Armistice Day is the anchor.

I wish I could say that each story was joyful but than the authors would not have been true to the mission.  While there are glimpses of joy in these powerful stories they are emotional and pull at your heart strings in different ways.  Each offering in this anthology shares an intimate struggle for those trying to pick up the pieces of their lives that have been directly impacted by WWI.

A number of the contributing authors are favorites and there are other author finds within as well. Contributing authors are: Heather Webb who also serves as editor (read everything she has written); Hazel Gaynor (read everything she has written); Beatriz Williams (read everything she has written); Jennifer Robson (read everything she has written this year); Jessica Brockmole ; Kate Kerrigan; Evangeline Holland; Lauren Willig (read many but not current) and Marci Jefferson.

A number of the stories ended before I was ready for them to end. That is both the ease of an anthology but in some cases the frustration as well. While tweeting about reading this book one of the contributors, Beatriz Williams, shared that her character Octavian has more in her new book coming out later this year. Ladies I would not mind if that were the case across the board in fact that would be kind of genius although my TBR pile might topple because I would have to acquire them all.

Thanks to Tasty Tours for this opportunity to share the stories in this anthology. Please be sure to check out the other stops on the tour that is making its way to a finish this week:

If you love historical fiction, enjoy any of these talented authors or are seeking to discover new favorites you do not want to miss this anthology. Tasty Tours is providing three copies of FALL OF POPPIES for giveaway:  http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/521ac4c8947/


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  1. redreviewsit says:

    Thank you for hosting FALL OF POPPIES today!

    Crystal, Tasty Book Tours

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