A Department Q Novel – A CONSPIRACY OF FAITH

Back again with detective Carl Morck and his staff which consists of green assistant Assad and office girl/researcher Rose trying to solve cold cases. A CONSPIRACY OF FAITH is number three in the series (The Keeper of Lost Causes; The Absent One) by Jussi Adler-Olsen published by Penguin Audio. If you like police procedure and do not mind sick and sadistic this is surely the series for you.

conspiracyBoy Adler-Olsen never lets up with his shocking and bone chilling stories. Geez. While I find the narration of Graeme Malcolm intoxicating in all three installments it is not enough to soften the very creepy blow delivered in the novels. Malcolm makes the story come alive in the audio version that I would never have been able to finish in a traditional read.

After a message in a bottle is found it is sent to the one place in the Copenhagen police department that might still be able to turn up answers Department Q.  This is the home for lost and cold cases and since this crime is over a decade old it ends up with Detective Carl Morck.  It is up to Carl, Assad and Rose to see if they can cast a light on the bloody note found in the bottle. This time they get a little help from the policeman upstairs in the precinct as there is a present crime that looks like it has everything to do with their note.

This installment’s cunning serial kidnapper and killer was raised in a religious household that left such an imprint he is now reigning his kind of chilling terror on other families of religious sects that would rather not involve the police. He preys upon them and their families and collects a king’s ransom for his crimes.

You may ask why I gave this one another shot after the first two followed in each other’s gruesome footsteps, it was eternal hope that Adler-Olsen would turn a corner.  The way the cast-offs Carl and Assad working in the basement of the Copenhagen police station go about solving the crimes is so appealing but I think I must bid this series a fond adieu. But I just might be a wimp party of one as these novels are best sellers, critically acclaimed and popular all over the world.

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