Valerie Harper Our Beloved RHODA Shares her Story

A Memoir
By Valerie Harper
Read by Valerie Harper
Produced by Simon & Schuster

With HOT IN CLEVELAND returning to the air I have I RHODA on my mind. And then I realized I owed a post to both the wondrous Audiobook Jukebox and fabulous Simon & Schuster. There is going to be a reunion of the fab five from MARY TYLER MOORE on this season of HOT IN CLEVELAND which airs on TV Land and that is where the connection was made in my brain as I was setting up the show to record.

Well if there was a perfect narrator for this book it was Valerie Harper. I enjoyed every minute of this book and could have listened to her talk about her life and really anything she wanted to share. By the time I reached the last disc it felt like Harper was an old friend and did not want our time each day in the car to end. Maybe it was the feeling that Rhoda was with me or just that Harper has had quite an interesting life.

Without any idea how Harper made it to the little screen as Rhoda I enjoyed hearing about every moment she chose to share. Additionally, her timing, tone and nuances really made it feel like she was talking to just me. It was so enjoyable to reminisce about MARY TYLER MOORE as well as RHODA, it definitely made me want to return to these series and watch them again which I shall do.

I had no idea how many awards Harper won for her role as Rhoda and it certainly cemented her career. Harper has been on stage in the theater at the start and later in her career, first in the chorus as a dancer and later as the star of a one woman show. She has graced the small screen in two successful series and been in many made for TV and big screen movies. Yet one thing that has been close to her heart and part of her long career her activism and advocacy for a number of causes over the years. But interestingly enough Harper’s journey was never easy but she was a fighter and it paid off.

Harper was forthcoming about her personal life and it sounds like she was doubly blessed in this area. Her daughter is so lucky to have this memoir as a gift from her mother. As Harper is in for biggest fight in her life the timing of this book seems fitting for her to have shared her story.

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