A New Series from Janet Evanovich

For fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, you know those are the numbered books like ONE FOR THE MONEY to SIZZLING SIXTEEN and then there are the between the numbers books like PLUM SPOOKY, we were treated to a spin-off series this year.  Our favorite time traveler and handsome devil Diesel has ventured off on his own in WICKED APPETITE. 

I was not sure I was going to like this spin without Stephanie Plum, a screwy accidental bail bondwoman from the Jersey burg, but I did.  Diesel, the main character, was previously in a Plum book and it seemed there might just be a spark between the two.  But we all know how crowded Plum’s love life is with the good Joe Morelli and the bad Ranger.  Diesel was definitely stepping on their toes whether it was because he saved Plum’s life on a number of occasions or the fact that he always ended up in her bed naked. 

Diesel does not travel alone to the pages of WICKED APPETITE Gerwulf Grimoire “Wulf” whom we met previously in the Plum series is still up to no good.  But there are  new characters that seem to bumble through the quest to locate the stones of the seven sins. 

There is Elizabeth “Lizzy” Tucker an unsuspecting baker who has a skill that Diesel needs.  The bakery’s proprietor Clara Dazzle who is rumored to have magic in her family and Glo who works the front of the bakery and who is captivated by magic.  Lets not forget the return of the rude monkey Carl that we met previously in a Plum book who has a penchant for flipping the bird and a cat that seems to have some elevated instincts. 

If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum series it is hard to believe that you would not like WICKED APPETITE.  The pace is the same it is fast and an easy read, there are many laugh out loud moments and one should not expect your mother’s Agatha Christie.  If you have not read the Stephanie Plum series, Janet E. made this a stand alone story.  Janet E. is a master of this formula and she has done it again with WICKED APPETITE.  

Just in time for the holidays Janet E. has made signed copies of WICKED APPETITE available at her on-line store, http://www.evanovichonline.com/ for U.S. and International delivery.  How times have changed and Janet E. is embracing the social media toys as there is even a Facebook page for WICKED APPETITE, http://www.facebook.com/WickedAppetite, where you, the fan, can interact with Evanovich.

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