Dark Dark Tale in the Time of the Bard

Dark AmeliaI love book covers/art that is not a secret but I often do not think twice about the title.  With this novel DARK AEMILIA I was drawn to the title but expected something more.  I think the title was far darker then the woman that was driven to the brink by the time and circumstances she found herself in.

Aemilia Bassano is born in the time of Queen Elizabeth and with the death of her musician father coupled with her beauty she finds herself a plaything in the Queen’s court. William Shakespeare is not my favorite, sorry to those who study and appreciate his works. I often felt I was in a Shakespeare work with Sally O’Reilly capturing this time so well in the pages of this novel.

While Aemilia is a beauty and just wants to be with the love of her life it was not meant to be.  Instead she is married off and raises a son by another man. Aemilia will do anything for her precious son Henry perhaps because he reminds her of the man she loves. Sorry to say this book was just too dark for me.  And the sorcery I was hoping to find did not materialize until hundreds of pages into the book. By then it was just too dark and there were not any characters I had forged any connection to.

My favorite aspect of this book was gaining a new understanding of a time and its complications and in turn a real life person that is little known.  O’Reilly’s style is academic but I trusted her pen and always felt in good hands. I am appreciative to learn about Aemilia Bassano aka Lanyer and have spent some time learning more about this woman and her struggle.

I thank Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for allowing me a turn at this tour for DARK AMELIA.  Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.  You should see what other tours are in the works, there is something for everyone. http://hfvirtualbooktours.com/





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