Linda Francis Lee Knocked Me Out With THE GLASS KITCHEN

Glass Kitchen

Three Cuthcart sisters growing up in Texas: Portia, Olivia and Cordelia. Out of the blue the girls learn that Portia has a gift and it is one that has been passed down generation after generation in the family. The gift is the knowing which manifests itself in visions of food.

Shortly after this discovery of Portia’s gift their father and mother die. The girls finish school with Portia working at their grandmother’s restaurant THE GLASS KITCHEN.  First Cordelia leaves for New York after her wedding and Olivia follows.  The girls had found memories of the city and their summer visits with their Grandmother’s sister Evie.

Portia stayed behind and helped her grandmother in her restaurant, THE GLASS KITCHEN.  Portia loved being there although the knowing was still with her it was not something her grandmother was willing to discuss. Something occurred with a meal that set off a chain of events and their grandmother was gone.  Portia put the knowing behind her and married Robert Baleau.  A few years later Portia found out Robert was cheating with her best friend and she was pregnant. She too fled to New York hurt and confused.

Great-aunt Evie had left the girls her New York townhouse and Portia still held on to the  basement apartment.  There she woke up in a daze and tried as best as she could to navigate her New York life but she was heartbroken and confused.

Her first encounter with Gabriel Kane, the man who had bought the top two floors of the townhouse, was electric for them both.  Soon after his youngest daughter Ariel became a regular visitor in her life.

The knowing continued to manifest itself in Portia’s life.  And her sister’s began to embrace it vs being jealous or challenged by it.  Portia wished she knew how to control it or embrace it but she found some answers in the three-volume cookbooks of her grandmother passed down from generation to generation.

The Kane family continued to be an integral part of Portia’s path.  It was not a straight line and Lee lifts the emotions off the pages for the reader with this story.  The characters are wonderful, warm and complicated.  And while there is joy mixed with angst throughout  there is always food.

The book itself is divided into food courses with delicious recipes that are shared.  Lee has provided a novel that will touch your heart and the added twist of the knowing woven throughout separates it from the rest.   Like it’s cover this book is beautiful and inviting and you will be forever glad you entered THE GLASS KITCHEN.

I simply adored the THE GLASS KITCHEN from start to finish and I am so glad it came my way from St. Martin’s Press.  There is a special tie in with this book but there is only two days to enter so hurry as it ends June 30th.

If you want to visit the feature of my first Lee novel from 2011,  EMILY AND EINSTEIN,  Lee has twenty-one novels that are published in twenty countries around the world and two of her most recent novels are in development for feature films so we are sure to be treated to more from this author.

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