ONE HUNDRED NAMES by Cecelia Ahern

If you are a serial Cecelia Ahern reader and appreciator do not miss her latest, ONE One-Hundred-NamesHUNDRED NAMES.   Journalist Kitty Logan has been trying to get up the strength to visit her dying publisher/mentor and friend in the hospital battling terminal cancer.

Kitty cannot bear to face her friend given her current embarrassing professional predicament. But once she does she is reminded of what a very special person Constance is. Their conversation quickly goes to Kitty’s issues and not Constance’s failing health.  Constance reminds Kitty what she saw in her the first time Kitty pitched a story.

Kitty was recently selected to join the TV show THIRTY MINUTES.  However, she covered a story about a teacher that ruined his life.  The problem as it turns out is that she did not conduct thorough research in her thirst for a “big” story before sensationalizing it. Now she is about to face her day in court and about to loose her friend and maybe all she has worked for her entire life.

Constance shares wisdom with Kitty and takes her back to that first story Kitty pitched to her years ago.  Constance has Kitty thinking about what writing and stories and getting back to understanding what it means to her in order to help her find her way.

Constance gets Kitty excited when she sends her looking for a file for the story that got away from her.  But before Constance could explain she passed away.  Now it is up to Kitty to find a way to bring this story that Constance never got to write to a memorial edition of Etcetera, Constance’s magazine.

My one criticism is that I would like to meet some of the other folks on that list of one hundred, we only were lucky enough to meet a few.  I wonder if there s going to be more, I would definitely welcome that chance.

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