A Novel that Bites

clp-buttonGlad to have been the next tour stop for LOVE BITES A Vampyres of Hollywood Novel, a fast and entertaining read by Hollywood insider Adrienne Barbeau.  This graphic cover lets you know that it doesn’t take itself too seriously but its contents are not for the light-hearted even thought it is playfully presented.

Barbeau creates colorful characters some human and others that are not.  Ovsanna Moore is a 400+ year old vampyre that lives in Beverly Hills.  She just happens to own and run Anticipation Studio.  The studio makes horror films so already you get the idea this is going to be campy.  Ovsanna is the leader of a vampyre clan and they consist of some famous Hollywood legends that you will catch up with during the story.

love bitesOvsanna and her hot detective Peter King just off a case where Peter is just trying wrap his head around the supernatural things he witnessed.  But one thing is for sure vampyre or not he is attracted to Ovsanna.  There are just a few complications that threaten this budding romance.

First, of course the obvious, he is a human and Ovsanna is a vampyre that cannot control her impulses to feed. Lets not forget the various parties trying to kill them for revenge.  But of course these are not the usual cast of characters one might suspect in a mystery but creatures that include: werewolves, shapeshifters and a jealous human.

As a veteran of the “business” Barbeau has probably run into her share of blood suckers and monsters but then the rest of us mere mortals do in daily life too.  I am fairly sure Barbeau has presented enough types that one will strike a chord. LOVE BITES is part playful with a dash of gruesome but definitely a highly entertaining read.

Be sure to visit CLP Tour to view the rest of the LOVE BITE Tour: http://www.clpblogtours.com/2014/02/loves-bites-by-adrienne-barbeau.html.  Of course I recommend adding both to your twitter follows: @chicklitplus  @abarbeau

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