A Book Which Took Me By Surprise and Never Let Go

Now I do not want you to think that it means THE WIFE,  THE MAID AND THE MISTRESS by Ariel Lawhon is one of those fast paced action books as that is not the case. But it is a terrific story that is both well paced and written so that it feels like one amazing ride even though your feet don’t leave the ground. It is hard to believe that although the year is young this novel will surely rank amongst my favorites in 2014.

W,M & M

Lawhon has created memorable characters that you do not know whether to root for or against but you do want to turn the page to see what is next.  It is New York City in the 1930s and things are not easy or simple and the politics is corrupt.  I guess I could be talking about modern-day if you think about it, but I digress…

Judge Joseph Crater has disappeared and the women in his life are determined to direct their own fate in the wake of a serird of terrible events and hopefully stay alive.  Judge Crater was a real person and his disappearance is still a mystery and that is what inspired Lawhon to write this book.  What an interesting premise and I had not known anything about the Crater case.

A nuance of this book is it’s telling by the “The Wife” Stella Crater to Detective Simon tied to this case beyond just investigating the judge’s disappearance.  But that is shared throughout the books chapters and I will not spoil that here.  Stella wants to come clean finally before she dies and tonight is the night August 6, 1969 a series of secrets she has been keeping for thirty-nine years.

When I was looking for an image of this novel to include in my post I came across the USA Today review of this book and I have to most unequivocally disagree with Olivia Barker’s characterization of this book.  But that is the thing about books and opinions we all have our own and for me this was a four star winner!

She Reads LogoAriel Lawhon is a founder of the fabulous She Reads Book Club to which I am a member and this is our February selection.  Thank you to Doubleday Publishing for supplying all of us with a copy of Ariel’s book to read. See what else we have read and what is coming up it is a place to learn and share about reads, http://www.shereads.org/.

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