The Woman Behind Napoleon

Before BECOMING JOSEPHINE by Heather Webb from Plume Books I never though I had any interest in the woman who partnered with the arrogant and eccentric Napoleon  but how wrong I was. This novel although mostly based in on historical facts was fascinating from the beginning to end.  Rose who later became Josephine had no easy life and her fight and determination could not have made for a better lead character. I have a weakness for historical fiction and this novel would delight anyone that shares this interest.


Do not let the beautiful cover deceive you as this woman had very humble beginnings and Webb takes us through her opulent Napoleon years.  Much of Josephine’s life was dark and full of strife and struggle.  As most woman of the day might have succumbed to their lot or condition Rose fought on and survived. The times she lived in were not easy nor simple and war ran rampant and revolution was always a threat as were your bordering neighbors. Yet Webb found a way to beautifully share Rose’s journey wrapped in the times unfolding around her that kept me coming back chapter after chapter and sad to see it end.

I was heard muttered throughout my reading “how could these words have been inside of Heather, this young woman I have been lucky enough to meet on Twitter”.  But I am honored to have shared this debut novel and look forward to many more.  I should have known she would have hooked up with Plume as this has to be one of my favorite imprints of all time.  The one criticism I would offer is the chapters ran long and for a slow chapter reader it was sometimes challenging.  Yet Webb was kind enough to have multiple fleur-de-lis breaks within the chapters that allowed me to pause if life called.

I cannot wait to read Webb’s next novel and I hope you will find BECOMING JOSEPHINE as engrossing as I did.  To learn more about this novel and the author visit:

And maybe even get lucky enough to see her in person at one of the these events:

Heather Webb upcoming appearances

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  1. Don’t you just love when you are wrong about a book? In a good way? I’m interviewing Heather this month. If you have a question for her, want to send it to me?

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