Darkly Magic and Strangely Wonderful

Last year I was enticed to read CITY OF DARK MAGIC by Magnus Flyte published by Penguin Books.  It was definitely a favorite read and I was elated to learn the story was continuing.  To walk down memory lane just a little…Sarah a grad student in music was pulled into a world far away in Prague where she was quickly absorbed into a musical mystery with royalty, works of art, a strange dwarf, a young blind prodigy, hallucinogens and murder. Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?  Well you can see for yourself what I thought about this novel: https://poofbooks.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/a-read-that-will-cast-its-spell-over-you/.

CITY-OF-LOST-DREAMS-COVER-184x300Fast forward to the same dynamic duo that is the writing team of Magnus Flyte and the second installment of this series CITY OF LOST DREAMS published by Penguin Books.  Glad to report it was just as good as the first novel and maybe a little better. I am thinking either I was desensitized or things settled down a little but the story was just as fast paced, clever and interesting.  And oh yes lets not forget fun.

Sarah Weston returns to Prague to find a cure for the young child prodigy Pollina she has come to know and love.  Through her love of music and her ability to travel back in time courtesy of a special pill she quickly falls back into this dark strange world that might hold the key to a cure for Pollina but she must hurry. Along the way she always finds time for a man or two and Nico the 400+ year dwarf is never far and then there is her Prince.  I could go on and on but you must seek and enter this world created by Flyte for yourselves.

These two novels would make an excellent gift for anyone who love music,  dark magic and murder.  The only negative I have to offer is to the ladies Flyte, couldn’t you write these faster? Have a moment to view their slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE5S6hnVvaE&feature=player_embedded.

Giveaway: If you have read CITY OF DARK MAGIC or I have peaked your curiosity the good news is the good folks have Penguin who provided me a copy of this book have one for me to share. So in light of this holiday cheer please leave a comment about a favorite book you read this year to enter. Winner will be chosen randomly and entries must be posted by Friday, December 27th.

About poofbooks

With a wave of the wand and a good book in hand travel to places and spaces beyond your imagination. Because reading does not require you to leave the comfort of your own living room or the bunny slippers behind. So if a vacation is not in your plans for this year, take a bookation, you will love it.
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6 Responses to Darkly Magic and Strangely Wonderful

  1. rhonda says:

    Just started it have a feeling it will be another emotional read.

  2. Jackie Jones says:

    Loved the first book and can’t wait to read this second one!

    One of my favorite books this year was Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog by the amazing Delia Ephron. It’s a beautiful book that makes you laugh and cry with each turn of the page.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Me Before You Jo Jo Moyes loved this book.happy happy holidays!!

    • poofbooks says:

      Thanks for stopping by, happy reading this season to you. I also thought Ms. moyes book was a beautiful read. Although she has a way to twist my insides.

      Did you read the newest from her?


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