Three Women Mysteriously Connected

THE BOOK OF SOMEDAY by Diane Dixon took a while to grow on me.  The writing was strong or I might have just put it down but the flipping from character to character by chapter was so distracting.

The three women AnnaLee, Micah and Olivia/Livvi each struggling to navigate their lives; AnnaLee in 1986 and Micah and Livvi in 2012.  AnnaLee is a wife and mother to little Bella who is supporting the household by selling off her family’s heirlooms.  Her husband is just not satisfied in the careers he chooses. Now her husband wants her to take in his troubled niece for the summer.

Micah is a world renowned photographer that finds herself alone with her pictures.  Her signature is that her photos are without people.  Now she receives a blow and is trying to seek absolution for her past from those in her past.

Livvi is an author, she has just written a book inspired by events from her own life.  Until now she was happy to shut herself away from the world.  Her upbringing was cruel and she had no interest in anyone from that time but now the past is is intersecting with the present.  And without seeking it Livvi has found love but there are two men in the picture.

SomedaysEach of the woman’s stories on their own I did not find compelling which made it hard for me to stay attentive.  Although, knowing that there was some kind of crossover was enough to make me return to it day after day with interest.

For me the novel really picked up steam in the last 1/3 as I began to see their stories cross.  It took a while and many guesses on my part to see how the three are intertwined.

As always this book went with me wherever I go and I must say that for the first time in a long time it caused a lot of buzz.  A number of young woman asked me what I thought of it and said they were thinking of reading it.  I did not discourage them as I know there is a different point of view in every reader and I did thing the premise and the writing were well done.

Special thank you to Sourcebooks for providing me a copy of this book.


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