Beautifully Crafted Story that Everyone Should Read

The Paris ArchitectTHE PARIS ARCHITECT by Charles Belfoure one of the top ten books for me this year. This touching story of what seemed to be a time in history that many would like to forget or don’t believe should be required reading for all. Belfoure found a way to take a new look at the occupation of Paris during the Nazi regime.

For me there were two things that particularly stood out about Belfoure’s THE PARIS ARCHITECT the first being his architect’s eye. I was not surprised to learn that Belfoure was an Architect once I finished the book and read his biography. The way he wove his historical eye for structural detail into the novel provided an often difficult and hard to digest topic of Jews in occupied Paris another dimension. Secondly, he supported this story with a host of characters that ran the gamut from heroes to fiends. It kept me on the end of my seat but the beautiful writing really touched my heart.

Even if you think you have read everything on this topic do not miss THE PARIS ARCHITECT. These characters do not treat this topic as you would expect and whenever I tried to put it down it kept calling me back. Throughout the book I continued to have surprising moments both touching and disturbing. As I am always a fan of buildings as characters and backdrops of France so for me this novel has a brilliant intersection.

Sourcebooks I will be forever grateful that you put this book into my hands. I could not have been further off in my thoughts about the contents of this book when I first said “I will” to being a tour stop all of those months ago. An emotional read that will at times steal your breath but handled so lovingly. Charles Belfoure whatever you write from the perspective of your historical vision with an architectural overlay I will be there to read it.

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With a wave of the wand and a good book in hand travel to places and spaces beyond your imagination. Because reading does not require you to leave the comfort of your own living room or the bunny slippers behind. So if a vacation is not in your plans for this year, take a bookation, you will love it.
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4 Responses to Beautifully Crafted Story that Everyone Should Read

  1. mari says:

    It is a great book. Plan on giving as gifts to my father in law (trained as an architect) and sister in law (is an architect). I was also very happy I joined this tour.

  2. Sounds like a great book- I just put it on my list. Great review!

    • poofbooks says:

      Things are a bit more busy this days but I wanted to thank you for the kind post. I am still thinking about this book and planning to give it to a number of friends.

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