Provacative and Chilling to the Bones

I have always wanted to read Laurie E. King and this was my chance with her latest, THE BONES OF PARIS. Coupled with the my luck to come upon a blog site that is everything books and France,, so I jumped at the chance to read and feature THE BONES OF PARIS.


While the intricacy of the story is to be applauded,  it was just to disturbing and perverted for me to enjoy yet I did find things to appreciate.  The highlight which occurred with frequency was the skilful drop in of famous figures of Paris from the 20s including: ManRay, Dali, Picasso, Hemingway and Hammett.

Harris Stuyvesant is the private detective with a sketchy past that returns in a second novel by King.   He was hired by the wealthy parents of Philippa Crosby  (“Pip”) to find her in the last known location of Montparnasse a district of Paris.  Interestingly enough Stuyvesant has a personal connection to Pip and some of the not so nice clubs and unsavory characters she cavorts with in Montparnasse but that he kept to himself.

Central to his search for Pip was a box of oddities and matchbook covers that he found in her room. Upon closer inspection of the box it was clear an artisan crafted it but definitely with a macabre note.  What unfolds from these few leads is a journey through Montparnasse and perversions that knows no bounds.

During his quest to locate Pip he crosses paths with his former love Sarah Grey and pulls in her brother Bennett for assistance.  Their connection was a break from the gruesome story at hand but complicated and sad in its own right.  Still it allowed me to further appreciate King’s detail in order to create background for Stuyvesant’s character and building a foundation for the series as it goes forward.

THE BONES OF PARIS is suspenseful till the end, exposing the reader to a provocative  Paris that crosses to a flair for mutilation in an avant-garde space that is pushed to its limits.  And while this one is not for me, her writing also makes me certain I would like to read a book from the Mary Russell series.

Two shining things about this novel that must be said the book trailer is outstanding: and its cover will definitely catch your eye.   Oh and be sure to run not walk to as this is a place for anyone whose tastes lean to the intersection of France and books.

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6 Responses to Provacative and Chilling to the Bones

  1. mari says:

    I have always wanted to read her books, too. Have just never had a chance. I didn’t want to get hooked into another series. But a standalone, I can do. Sounds like my kind of book. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this book- yes some parts were disturbing- more disturbing to know that place like that weird theater were real!

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  4. thanks for your post! Emma [France Book Tours]

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