Not Just Another Jane Austen Inspired Novel

THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MISS JANE AUSTEN caught me completely off guard. Frankly, I was not sure about any book that contemplated the death of Jane Austen within its pages, but ’tis hard for me to resist anything with a sprinkling of Austen.


The style captured a novel in the Jane Austen time period but it was narrated by a character, Anne Sharp. Ms. Sharp met Jane Austen when she was a governess for Jane’s brother. However the rest was definitely not expected nor your typical Austen period read.

The intention of this book it to explore the mysterious death of Jane Austen. I did not learn this till mid way through when I thought about abandoning due to the surplus of unpleasant thoughts and notions. But then when I investigated more I learned that the author Lindsay Ashford has roots in criminology and writing mysteries I had a new angle to view this read.

Ashford uses this novel to share her body of research and while it is a work of fiction there is definitely a blend of fact and fiction. It has a very definitive purpose and has definitely left me intrigued.

Nice thing about THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MISS JANE AUSTEN is its appeal outside just the strong Austen circle. For any Austen fan it is a must with a caveat or two but there are Austen gems throughout.  But it is also for those interested in unsolved mysteries, mysteries, period piece admirers and so on.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the review.

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