Still Time to Read TIME FLIES Before Summer is Gone

Claire Cook is a much-anticipated summer read for me since 2010 with THE WILDWATER WALKING CLUB. Every year thereafter there has been another novel from Cook: SEVEN YEAR SWITCH, BEST STAGED PLANS AND WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM. Cook’s novels always feature a lead female as well as supporting females characters too.  Cook’s women are mid-life and they must maneuver when the chips are down. She makes you cry and laugh and then do it all over again. This year’s offering to the Claire Cook shrine is TIME FLIES from Touchstone and it did not disappoint.

Time .Flies

Melanie is trying to figure out what her life looks like without her husband Kurt. Kurt has left her for another woman and she finds the tools of her trade to be useful in the opening scene for a little retribution.  Melanie’s two boys are grown and now it is just her.

Melanie’s best friend B.J. keeps bugging her to come for their high school reunion but she just doesn’t feel up to it.  But on a whim she decides to attend.  Before she leaves she makes a sale at an art show of one of her metal creations.  This water feature sculpture requires an installation at a local restaurant.  As fate springs eternal the sculpture springs a leak and Melanie has to go and fix it, she meets the owner Ted Brody.  Ted and Melanie have some sparks but Melanie has a reunion to get to.

Melanie is reunited with B.J. and Mustang Sally, the red vintage Mustang convertible and the adventure begins.  They visit old friends and Melanie stops by her sister’s home too.  All the while she is anxious to catch up with Finn Miller a high school classmate who has been flirting with her via email.

More you have to read for yourself.  Cook’s writing is not complex and flows but she definitely brings the characters to life and I always become attached to them.  These are women I would like to know and have in my life.

I have so many favorite bits and pieces of the book but I want to share this one because it is wise. “Time flies.  Time flies faster every year.  Time flies whether you’re having fun or not, whether you are living your life big or small, whether you surround yourself with fear or laughter.  It might have been just a dream, but Corita Kent and Sister Bertrille were right–there were only two choices, afraid and boring.”

Now if I can just find a way to get Claire to do two books year…you could go holiday themed, who knows maybe Touchstone is listening. More importantly, Claire I hope you are there, thx for another read that touched my heart and reminded me how time flies.

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4 Responses to Still Time to Read TIME FLIES Before Summer is Gone

  1. Claire Cook says:

    Thank you so, so much for this wonderful review! Your kind words meant so much to me!

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