Train to a New Beginning

ORPHAN TRAIN by Christina Baker Kline has opened my eyes to events in this country that I knew very little about.  I have always thought a train ride is the most amazing way to travel and see a country but in the case of orphan trains it must have been terrifying.  Think of a train full of young orphans that have no idea were they are headed and to places unknown. These children were immigrants that did not speak English and would be presented to Midwest families as extra hands. In too few cases they become the members of the family for couples were desperately wanting children but this kind of honor went to the babies vs. the older children.

I am still reeling that my knowledge of these orphan trains were unknown until I listened to THE CHAPERONE last year.  In Laura Moriarty’s book, the train was a background note for one of the main characters.  In this novel, the train set the stage for the story shared in OPRHAN TRAIN.  I am thankful to both of these authors for opening my eyes.

Orphan Train

ORPHAN TRAIN does some time jumping by chapters which is not my favorite but in this novel it proved to be successful.  First I thought I wanted to stay in the past with Niamh the little girl pictured on the cover and when it jumped to the present I was not as interested in the character of Molly.  Baker Kline crafted a way to merge the storylines and then it becomes a very special read.

I found myself unable to hold back when I see ORPHAN TRAIN on the shelves, I just have to recommend it. I think TARGET might have to obtain a restraining order or praise me as I have sold one or two every time I go in the store and that is if there is one on the shelf. So see what all the buzz is about and pick up a copy today or find me in Target and we can talk more.

storybuttonSpecial thanks to She Reads Book Club for putting yet another amazing read in my hands. It makes me sad to think I would have missed OPRHAN TRAIN if I had not been part of this amazing on line book club.  If you love to read and share with a community come on over:

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