A Series to Target

In thinking about Memorial Day and those that fight to keep us safe in our homes and never tire of protecting our freedom:


At the same time my better half and I read TARGETS OF REVENGE we also read TARGETS OF DECEPTION AND TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY as I do not like to join a series in mid swing.  We do not often read the same books but when given the chance we jumped at it so that we could read, discuss and collaborate on this post.

“Targets of Revenge” (as well as its predecessors “Targets of Deception” and “Targets of Opportunity”) is a modern era spy novel. The protagonist, Jordan Sandor, is a CIA agent who combats terrorism in all of its forms. More than a thinking man, Jordan is a man of action. The only spy novels I have previously read are all cold war era novels a la John LeCarre. In these books the enemy is the powerful Soviet Union, and the friendly spy is usually an intellectual along the lines of George Smiley. Through mental gymnastics the enemy is thwarted. Targets of Revenge is a large departure from this formula – instead we see intense covert CIA actions. Although Targets of Revenge is definitely not in my wheelhouse, I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Jordan Sandor is most definitely not a modern-day George Smiley. Other reviews have likened him to James Bond moving at a Jason Bourne-like pace. What I liked most was there is a touch of Burn Notice to the writing, where certain tricks of the trade are disclosed to you along the way. My only critique is that I didn’t always relate to the tough guy dialogue of Jordan Sandor – but that is just a matter of preference. All in all a very entertaining read.

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