A Love That Was Always Meant to Be

AND THEN I FOUND YOU by Patti Callihan Henry is the April She Reads Book Club pick.

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Henry examines love from many angles: family love, young love, sacrificing love, love from afar, unrequited love and love ever after. These facets of love gave Henry a backdrop for a number of rich storylines.  

Kate Vaughan fell in love once upon a time with a boy from school.  Their pull was undeniable and they were together several times over the years.  But it was just never the right time for their love.

This books flips from young Katie to grown Kate life but it was too much for me.  I am rarely a fan of the time shifting although in this case I do think it was essential for Henry to share the past and present Kate, it make this story much richer. 

And Then I Found You

The present Kate owns a boutique as a fashion eye has always been something that was a passion for Kate.  She has beeen in a four year relationship with Rowan.  Kate will not let herself be his nor open up to him.

Once Kate discovers just how serious Rowan is about her she is thrown into a rush of feelings for her past and needs some kind of resolution in order to move forward. Kate cannot rest until she visits her first love. He is guarded as Katie has broken his heart before.  What makes this time around different? And is there anyway to deal with the pain that resurfaces when Katie is in his life.  It might just be easier to continue on with a life without her.

This novel was written with love, the words and the pages literally seep with emotion. As I just read an article that shared this story was based on a personal story from her family and this makes it even more near and dear.

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2 Responses to A Love That Was Always Meant to Be

  1. Beth F says:

    You liked this book more than I did.

    • poofbooks says:

      Beauty of the world of books something for everyone. Just popped over to read your review and I definitely concur with a number of the points you raised.

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