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Love in Translation by Sara Palacios

A circle of childhood friends now navigating their young adult lives. Emily, Deana and Sophie are the best of friends each is at a different place in life. Deana is married but still loves her girl friends.  Sophie seems to jump from guy to guy but her choices are not the best. Emily thinks she has found a great guy but it turns out that she was wrong.

The opening segment with Emily really hooked me as this is anyone’s story that has had a bad breakup. Palacios captured everyday life that is reminiscent of SEX AND THE CITY but without the glitzy NYC backdrop. Emily remains the focus of this fiction light read and she could be you or anyone you know.

Once Emily has some answers she is not so sure about opening herself up again. Slowly but surely she gets ready to find that someone out there and has a little help from her friends and fate.  And in the end she finds that she has to make a choice about what makes her happy, something she would not have contemplated at the start of this story.

One of my favorite things about LOVE IN TRANSLATION is the everyday issues and dialogue Palacios was able to capture and translate to the pages of her novel LOVE IN TRANSLATION. It is light but true to issues every gal has faced with love, love lost and love found. It is a fun read that will make you smile, laugh and even shed a tear or too.

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5 Responses to No Translation Needed

  1. sarapalacios says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I am absolutely over the moon in love with it!


  2. I love this review SO MUCH!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and post such a lovely review! I am just over the moon and so thankful!


  3. chicklitplus says:

    thanks for being in the tour!

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