No Peace With This Thriller

SOME KIND OF PEACE is another thriller from Sweden, what is in the water there?

Some Kind of Peace

SOME KIND OF PEACE is the first in a series created by Camilla Grebe & Asa Träff. This audiobook narrated by Caroline Shaffer came my way courtesy of the amazing folks at the Audiobook Jukebox and High Bridge Audio. If you love audiobooks you should  pop over to see what Audiobook Jukebox is all about:

It starts out with a dead body and I thought I might be in over my head. But it quickly backed off of this tangent to a slow psychological thriller that is wound around the life of Dr. Siri Bergman. Caroline Shaffer did an excellent job narrating this book, I could discern all of the characters from each other and she had an excellent pace.  Although, as the suspense built I did find myself sometimes yelling at her to stop or go another way.

Siri, a psychologist herself, is no stranger to patients with problems but she herself has a past tragedy that seeps into her present life. Yet Siri believes she is coping and managing to keep things in check. Siri is in a practice with her best friend Aina and a more seasoned but sometimes unsavory Sven.

Things start to unravel for Siri with her past catching up to her, a patient taking her life and perhaps a little too much wine to keep things together. Siri has had the feeling she is being watched and then things start to happen that insight her demons.  She begins to doubt herself and others in her life do as well. But once it is clear that she is not only being manipulated but that whomever is doing it is not just playing around.  This stalker is real and has a viscious contempt for Siri that he/she spreads to others in her life.

While this is not my usual listen, I was glad I took the chance. I have often said I am more willing to expand my reading genres with audiobooks and this was definitely one of those cases.  I am interested to know how the story will continue and will look forward to the next installment from this sister writing team.

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  1. Pamella Leiter says:

    Just ordered it. Can’t wait to get into it.

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