A Christmas Tale from Charles Todd

My other half and sometimes better half is a voracious reader. Seldom are we interested in the same books but when I saw the chance to receive a book by Charles Todd I was too excited because he speaks to highly of this writing team. After the book arrived it mysteriously disappeared from where I had placed it and just this week it was returned with this write up.

So this I share proudly as a guest post and maybe a few comments from me in quotes below:

walnut tree

The writing team “Charles Todd” is known for its Ian Rutledge mysteries and its Bess Crawford mysteries.  I have read every Ian Rutledge book “and talk about them for weeks after” and I find them to be topnotch.  Although, I have yet to read any in the Bess Crawford series.Both series take place during/after World War I and deal with (at least in the Rutledge series cause) the long term affects of the war on certain individuals.

When my wife asked me to review a holiday book I was not enthused “after I was busted”. However, when I learned it was written by Charles Todd and took place at the beginning of
World War I, I decided to give it a go.  I am glad that I did.

The heroine of the book is Lady Elspeth Douglas.  Lady Elspeth finds
herself with 2 suitors who both go off to war, and she (against her families wishes)
becomes a nurse.  In addition to serving in harm’s way, Lady Elspeth tries to resolve her
personal struggle of choosing between the 2 soldiers.

OK – we have seen this story before.  But in the case of THE WALNUT TREE,
the writing is so good that it makes the trip worthwhile.  You get a real sense of what
being in England and France during the war must have been like, and the overall feel reminds one of the Downton Abbey tv series (threw that in for points with me, nicely done).  In addition, having Bess Crawford make an appearance in the story was a nice touch.

The story is not really a holiday tale, although there is a nice moment
that takes place on Christmas.  The ending of the book leaves one looking for more, and I
would not be surprised if there was a sequel.


Special thank you to William Morrow for providing this book.  Its comes with extra gratitude as it allows us to share the same book and talk about it which is so rare for us.

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