Nope I have not switched gears to movies, I am taking about THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB by Mia March (@March_Mia).  I was intrigued as soon as I saw the title THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB of this novel by Mia March as I love Streep and her movies.  This was another selection from the She Reads Book Club (@SheReadsBookCLB)  a book club that takes place on-line and everyone is welcome, you should definitely stop by.  

Tragedy strikes two branches of this family tree on one ill-fated night.  The only surviving adult Lolly Weller ran The Three Captains Inn with her now deceased husband in Boothbay Harbor Maine. Her two nieces Isabel and June became orphans that night so they came to live with her and her daughter Kat.  The responsibility for the three girls fell solely on Lolly’s shoulders and such the Inn needed to be profitable. Hence, Lolly had not choice but to put the girls into one room and raise them all as her own.

But they never really felt like sisters and there was so much hurt and guilt in the house it was very difficult for everyone.  Once they were adults Isabel and June left and did not turn back only thinking of returning to the Inn on holidays. 

This year Lolly summoned the girls to return to the inn, she had an announcement and wanted everyone to be present.  Kat never left as she felt she needed to help her mom but she had dreams too.  The girls are not sure what it is but they all come because no matter what their feelings, each one felt they needed to honor Lolly’s wishes. The return of the girls under one roof was enough to start the emotion pot to bubble over.  

Isabel is the only one of the girls that is married but things are newly on the rocks so she arrives to the Inn alone.  June is a single mom that has newly lost her job in addition to her son wanting to fill in the blanks on his family tree.  Kat is the only one that has stayed at the Inn and felt there was no other alternative for her.  But having her cousins/sisters arrive in addition to this announcement from her mom raises the level of tension. 

Lolly had started a tradition of weekly movie night at the Inn.  Her friends and the guests at the Inn seemed to really enjoy it. This month she decided to repeat Meryl Streep month even though it had been just nine month ago.  Some how Lolly knew that for herself and for the girls Meryl Street would find a way to help.  “Lolly had always said that a Meryl Streep Movie was as good as a chicken soup, a best friend, a therapist, and a stiff drink.

Each of the girls are facing life challenges separately and being together is not perceived as a comfort especially after Lolly makes her shattering announcement.  The are not surprised that Lolly has chosen Streep movies. They had heard the stories growing up about how Meryl Streep shared the same real name as Lolly, Mary Louise. That THE DEER HUNTER had helped Lolly through a friend’s death at eighteen.  And as a young widow Streep’s movies had been how she got through that first year.  Through learning more and sharing more and Streep films the girls start to forget themselves and fuse into a family. 

Isabel and June decide to remain at the Inn to help Lolly and Kat.  Isabel takes over running the day-to-day operations of the Inn.  June returns to the local bookstore to get back her job before she left Maine and is trying to find the father of her son.  Kat is confronted with her mother’s illness and finding a way to lean on her cousins. Lets not forget love as March was deliberate about setting the stage for old, new and surprising love in THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB. 

I would be remiss not mentioning my very favorite in the book. It captures the spirit of why I started this blog so I knew it was fate I was reading THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB. The ladies just started to watch Mamma Mia! and Lolly said: “Tha’s another thing I love so much about movies–you can travel to so many beautiful, interesting locations without leaving your living room.” Just what I think and say about books and reading too.

THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB is a touching read and has something for everyone.  I did find myself grabbing for the tissues more than once but it was okay as there was always something around the corner that made me smile. I hope this book has found its way into Streeps hands as I think she would be most honored.  Lastly, this novel reminded me of the wonderful body of work that comprises Streep’s films and it makes it perfect for any book club or movie club too.

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