Have I Said I Adore Claire Cook This Year?

WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM is the latest from Claire Cook and thanks to She Reads Book Club and Touchstone I had the chance to read it.  I was late to discover the wonderfulness of Claire Cook but now I am hooked.  Thus, far I have enjoyed: SEVEN YEAR SWITCH, BEST STAGED PLANS and THE WILDWATER WALKING CLUB and will now add WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM to that shelf.

WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM took me the longest of all her novels to settle in.  It might have been her obnoxious self-help, self-proclaimed guru brother Tag Griffin who is loved and adored by his followers and oh boy there are many followers.  Once a few chapters in and past the focus on Tag, I joined team Deidre and was there to coax and cheer her on. 

Tag is the prodigal child of the Griffin family and in one way or another everyone works for him, even his ex-wives live on his compound.  He is self-absorbed and never lets anyone forget he is the focus.  Deidre is Tag’s manager and that is a 24/7 on call job.  Deidre certainly walks in Tag’s rather big shadow.  At an appearance Dallas Deidre reaches her tipping point and in a moment of anger and clarity she walks away. 

She leaves the tour and just goes home but she also goes completely silent.  Deidre seeks clarity in a bottle of vodka and makes her move.  How you might ask? Inspired by an invite Tag had received, she corrals Tag’s social media followers that she had amassed and her plan was hatched.

I would have never guessed Deidre’s next move, it was not a visit to a spa or a makeover, she was off to Dancing With the Stars. Yes, the beloved show of many millions, DWTS becomes the backdrop for Deidre’s escape.  With a clearer head Deidre realizes what she has done and the hard work and tiny costumes that now are part of her daily routine.  Cause we all know that DWTS is not for the faint of heart, it is hard work and the is daunting.

Cook’s latest is entertaining with a sharp side of life thrown in.  Deidre might be you, a sister or some combination of women in your life. Cook seems to touch the real emotions of women but in a light and engaging way that feels like a gift and leaves me ready for the next novel as soon as I finish. 

Notes: Head over to She Reads Book Club, it is a wonderful place to get lost in books I am so excited to be a part of it.  To find out more about Clare Cook’s world visit her website.

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2 Responses to Have I Said I Adore Claire Cook This Year?

  1. I’ve read a couple of her novels and she instantly became one of my favorites. Sadly, I haven’t read this one yet. Must remedy this soon.

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