Thanks to CLP Blog Tour I had the chance to read FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE by Jackie Pilossoph.  It was the cover that enticed me to join the tour and I am glad I did. 

This is Pilossoph’s third book, the others are: “Jackpot!”, “Hook, Line and Sink Him” and she is working on number four. As a fellow graduate of Boston University, go Terriers, I was glad to get on board.

Pilossoph starts the book with dropping a bomb that sets the stage for the heart of FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE. It is about life, love and change that is unplanned and how the strong women of one family choose to handle it.

Emma, her sister Laura and their mother all have to navigate the sea of love in their lives within the pages of FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE. Pilossoph has a gift in her writing that allows you to get to know her characters while shaping them to represent universal themes for women you cannot help but recognize them in you or women in your life.

Emma is a widow with a young daughter that was not happy in her marriage prior to her husband’s untimely death. Laura who is also a mother to an older daughter with a brilliant career knew her marriage had issues but just chose to look the other way for so many years.  And to round out the trio, their Mom was blissfully happy in her long marriage but a fork in the road arises.  This is their story and you will find yourself talking out loud to each of them as you join their conversations and their choices in the pages of this book.

Pilossph has captured stories of dating that we have heard from anyone getting back into the dating game after being absent for so long.  The situations that are paraded through the book sound so familiar and Pilossoph delivers them with a balance of sincerity and humor, I was smiling, cheering and crying throughout.  Dipping your toe back into the dating world can be exciting, devasting or somewhere in between and the the sum of the ladies experiences put a check mark next to all.

This is a quick read that is simply made for your book club if you are in your 40s.  It will trigger conversation but it will not elicit woes as it has the balance of reality along with humor and heart = the magic of fiction light.  Coincidentally, I just receieved an email from Lancome for a free gift with purchase and I will forever smile when I hear that phrase thanks to Pilossoph. 

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  1. chicklitplus says:

    Thanks so much for featuring the book!

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