A Pinch of Food, A Pinch of Life and A Pinch of Love = A Great Listen


Author:                Beth Harbison

Narrated by:      Orlagh Cassidy

Details:                7 CDs 8 hours listening time

Produced by:     Laura Wilson

Published by:    Macmillan Audio

Must recognize this delicious cover shot by Rita Maas

I am a complete suck for the all mighty cupcake so this audiobook already had me at the cupcakes on its cover. Gemma is you, me, a sister, friend or anyone in our lives. It made it easy to settle in with Gemma Craig for this time in her life.

Gemma has tried a number of things and nothing seemed to stick in her career or with men.  But her job as a private chef seems to suit her well and she enjoys it.  If not for her clients, whom add a dash of uncertainty, drama and unexpected ingredients stirred into her life things could be just right in Gemma’s life.

When we meet Gemma she had 6 regular clients plus catering and events to supplement which worked out fine.  But then her Saturday high-profile client let her go all over a misunderstanding that involved a peacock…you will have to listen for yourself.  So now Gemma with a free night which was so rare for her and she heads out with a friend.  Completely not what she was expecting Gemma ends up spending the night with a guy she meets. 

To Harbison’s credit the 4 remaining clients plus 1 she picks up are a mix of characters she takes the time to develop.  Some of the clients you want to hug and others not so much yet I could not wait till it was their turn in the weekly rotation.  Harbison made me feel part of Gemma’s life and I looked forward to her life in and outside of the kitchen.

When something unexpected happens to Gemma ehe makes a bold life changing decision. And it turns out her life in and out of the kitchen are about to collide in the best of ways.  I really enjoyed my time with Gemma and company and would welcome a return, I think these characters have more to share.

Enjoyed the pacing, story and the narration by Cassidy.  This was more than a beach read and yet still the light read I was seeking.   Definitely interested in mixing in more Harbison and Cassidy in future listens/reads.

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1 Response to A Pinch of Food, A Pinch of Life and A Pinch of Love = A Great Listen

  1. booksnyc says:

    I really like Orlagh Cassidy’s narration – have a listened to a few by her. Putting this one on my audible wish list!

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