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Proud in joining fellow book bloggers Mandy’s aka @WellReadWife book club.  As I am no politico I was fairly concerned when I learned which book, but my supporting ways won out so I was in. Each of us was mailed a copy of AMERICA, YOU SEXY BITCH by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain published by Da Capo Press and set loose to share the truth.

I can assure anyone else standing on the fence, this is politics light. Mostly it is stubborn and whinny McCain and Black card-carrying enemies across the political fence fighting over everything.  The style takes a bit to get used to as each writes separately in their own voice and then it is mushed together. 

My favorite parts of the book are when they can put themselves aside and write to the mission of the book which is the fabulous yet diverse USA. Both authors do a fine job of saluting this missing in their own words:

Michael’s words: “When we agreed to write this book, Meghan and I had a simple premise: that Americans have more in common than they don’t, and that even two near strangers with almost nothing in common could spend a month together talking about politics and still have a great time.”

Meghan’s words: “The purpose of this trip is to discover different parts of America that we don’t normally encounter rand to talk to Americans who we probably would not normally have conversations with.”

McCain and Black traverse the country on a RV to take the political temperature of everyday persons out there. This idea started as a result of a few tweets which I find incredibly interesting as I have long respected the power of Twitter and this was just another confirmation.  Imagine getting on an RV and spending weeks with a complete stranger who you have nothing in common with and maybe do not even like. 

The book chronicles their stops in CA, AZ, NV, UT, TX, LA, AR, MS, TN, KY, OH, MI, DC and CT.  And let me say there are endearing, laugh out loud and moments that remind me what a great country this is. 

These are some miscellaneous takeaways I have from this read: 

A mantra from Meghan that I love: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Courtesy of Hunter S. Thompson;

You can tour the Zappo’s headquarters in Las Vegas and that is now on my bucket list;

Now know that strippers pay to dance, yep pay rent to the club owners;

The ninth ward in Louisiana is far from whole but their spirit is determined;

Must take a road trip to Branson, anyone? anyone?;

Border’s you are still missed I do not think I could have done more to save you;

Never heard of Congressman Dennis Kucinich and so glad I have;

Thanks again to the generosity of Well Read Wife I was all to happy to step up to support Mandy’s Blogger Book Club “Like Oprah’s But Not as Good”. Come on you have to love a gal that sports that tag line.

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