MOST TALKATIVE is Most Hilarious

Andy Cohen’s MOST TALKATIVE STORIES FROM THE FRONT LINES OF POP CULTURE audiobook was an unexpected summer surprise for me.  Andy Cohen brought MOST TALKATIVE to life through his narration and it was knock down hilarious.  At times he just snuggled right up with the listener and you felt as if he is just speaking to you and sometimes he is.  Most thankful to Macmillan Audio for putting this title in my hands. 

I honestly would not have thought to pick up this book by Andy Cohen and that would have been a mistake.  It is part how I got to this place coupled with hysterical stories behind the scenes of his career in the news and entertainment television delivers a summer must listen. But a word of caution must be issued: you will not be able to contain your giggles or laughter so be sure you are in an appropriate surrounding when listening.  (Guessing you will need the same warning if reading.) 

I did not have an opinion of Andy Cohen before listening to MOST TALKATIVE.  Although, every time I saw Cohen on the fourth hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda I always enjoyed his repartee with the ladies and the high energy he brought to his segments.  Thus, I was quite shocked to find out that Cohen and I shared quite a few formidable life details. We are both from the Midwest, although I remain here; from loud Jewish roots; attended Boston University, Oprah and shared love for Susan Lucci.  Armed with this new-found discovery I might have twuttered “twins separated at birth” while listening. 

To my delight Susan Lucci popped up in Cohen’s life more than once and each time it was a delight.  This was one of those times I lived vicariously in my car through the stereo through Cohen because that is probably the closest I will ever get to Lucci.  I hope your connection and intersection with Lucci is not over although she might hold a small grudge based on your own admission that I close this post with. 

MOST TALKATIVE takes you through Cohen’s life with observations of key stories and memories from his childhood, teen, adolescent and college years. Then its off to work with Cohen, first in TV news which proved to be interesting and full of many learning experiences.  Next up is for the fans of Andy Cohen, this is what you are waiting for it does not disappoint.  Cohen is off to BravoTV and shares nuggets from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES that you are going to love.  I am not a fan of the brand nor its off shouts and I loved it.  

Cohen knows how to tell a story and the fact that it is his makes it even better dishing.  His energy is exuberant and I can’t imagine this isn’t the best way to bring his story to life.   Cohen was brutally honest and willing to share the good and the bad and that made the journey more than fluff. 

I look forward to future programming that Andy Cohen will develop at BravoTV like {freebie alert} TOP CHEF meets THE REAL HOUSEWIVES.  When the next book comes out from Cohen and I am sure it will,  I will line up to listen as hilarity will ensue. For a young man who was told he is better behind the camera a lesson to all, no more listening to the naysayers. Lastly, this is a message specifically for Andy Cohen if you did in fact contribute to the demise of AMC my longest adult relationship shame on you, I know your mother raised you better because you told me so in this book.

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2 Responses to MOST TALKATIVE is Most Hilarious

  1. Anita says:

    I have this one up next in audio and can’t wait. I love Andy so much. You’ve written a fabulous review, thanks.

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