Final Chapter in Memorial Day Reads – Part III

I could go on forever but the end of the Memorial Day weekend is almost here so I will edit myself.  This post will consist of two books that take you away within their pages to other places and spaces. 

I have several buttons that are fairly easy to press in the reading world.  Anything Austen is one of them.  Of course I would prefer to read more directly from Jane but that is not possible so I do enjoy those that are inspired by her.  Shannon Hale is one of those authors and this is her latest MIDNIGHT IN AUSTENLAND.

Charlotte Kinder needed a break, her life as she knew it was falling apart and there seemed to be nothing she could do.  Charlotte does something very brave and gives herself a break by going on a two-week vacation to an Austen inspired experience across the pond.  By no means is this a luxury experience.  The participants dress, eat and live as they did back in one of her novels that comes to life over the course of the stay.  Yep even smart phones are confiscated. 

This time around Charlotte steps into her Regency role with some trepidation as she has left her kids behind and she never does that.  But she gets to know her fellow guests, the actors that are hired to interact with them and the surroundings as well. But just when she is getting the hang of things she discovers…oh my.  A twist in the plot that blurs this scripted trip with Austen angst and now there is a mystery afoot.  Who can poor Charlotte trust and dare she trust her heart again?  

MIDNIGHT IN AUSTENLAND is enjoyable whether or not you are an Austen fan. Although, you should be warned you might just be tempted to visit NORTHANGER ABBEY after you read Hale’s latest.  I am sure Ms. Austen would consider this a wonderful compliment indeed.

Simply do not like drawing comparisons between books I feature and other works but this one is too irresistible I must.  If you have loved THE PARENT TRAP you must read Kate Klise’s IN THE BAG.  I love both Halely Mills and Lindsay Lohan versions but maybe the former a tad bit more because Halely was a favorite of mine. 

Two single parents are off to Europe but to different destinations and for different purposes.  coincidentally they meet on the plane over to Europe but not in the best possible of ways.  Another coincidence of mixed up baggage with their children creates the perfect stage for these star crossed lovers to meet. 

It is the children, Coco and Webb that take the lead and start to correspond first about their bags and then about themselves.  They are not thinking of their parents through this exchange but just themselves.  A plan is hatched and it does not turn out as planned for the children.

And then through another twist of fate the two parents, Andrew and Daisy find they are thrown together.  And with a little help and some prodding these two decide to take a chance on love.  

Yes the story is one that is not new but the adorable way in which Kate Klise shapes this journey is all hers.  It seemed like just the perfect summer read and I am so glad that William Morrow screamed loud enough and put this within my reach cause it most certainly touched my heart.   

And I would be remiss not to acknowledge the other goodies that come on board this book for no additional charge. The size is simply fabulous for taking with you anywhere and the cover art too.  The graphics within make an attempt to steal the show these are found at the start of each chapter and then throughout every page.  I never smiled so much when I picked up a book and I always did when it was time to read IN THE BAG. 

For me personally I treasure the author that can take the reader to another destination within their book and I think I have found two that do this well. I hope you will read one or more of the books featured this Memorial Day at some time this summer when you feel you need a break and physically getting away may just not be possible.  Books so often provide the readcation we are looking for, if you have a favorite I would love to hear from you.

About poofbooks

With a wave of the wand and a good book in hand travel to places and spaces beyond your imagination. Because reading does not require you to leave the comfort of your own living room or the bunny slippers behind. So if a vacation is not in your plans for this year, take a bookation, you will love it.
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6 Responses to Final Chapter in Memorial Day Reads – Part III

  1. Gigi Ann says:

    Sorry, I meant “I am now off to shop on my nook” I need to read my comments before posting them.

    • poofbooks says:

      No worries we all have these fat finger mistakes but I know what you meant. I think you were just saying Nook twice to rub it in that I have yet to take the ereader jump. Enjoy.

      • Gigi Ann says:

        I did so enjoy this book. I just gave into the e-readers in January 2012. We live in a small apartment and my bookshelves were overflowing, so decided to go with the NookColor and a Kindle. I still enjoy my real paper books, but the library on the Nook doesn’t take up as much room. ; ) You can visit my reading corner here… However, my book reviews are here

      • poofbooks says:

        Wow you did more then dip in your toe to the ereader you have two! I will stop by your blogs!

  2. Gigi Ann says:

    I also read “Midnight in Austenland” this past week. I enjoyed it as well. I am not off to shop on my nook in hopes of finding “In the Bag.” It sounds like my kind of reading.

    • poofbooks says:

      Thanks for dropping by. You and I are going to have a parallel reading summer if things keep going this way. What else are you reading these days?

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