Cupcakes and Friendship, Recipe for a Delightful Read

HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE reunites once childhood best friends Annie Quintana and Julia St. Clair that have been estranged for years.  Annie arrives at the St. Clair mansion the only home she ever knew as a child with her cupcakes in hand. The mansion and the St. Clair’s are still intimidating but soon the cupcakes are the star of the fundraising event hosted by Lolly St. Clair. 

Memories are running through Annie’s mind from the moment she steps into the kitchen in the St. Clair’s home.  Annie is shocked to find the kitchen unchanged since her mother Lucia’s death years before.  The kitchen was where her mother spent so much time cooking for the family and caring for her daughter Annie and Julia St. Clair.  Lucia provided a loving childhood for both of her girls.

Lucia a pregnant teenager, was kicked out of her home and forced to find her own way and she was taken in by the St. Clair’s to cook for the family.  Once the St. Clair’s took in Lucia and then Annie who came among shortly thereafter, they became much more then the help.  Lucia was Mrs. St. Clair’s closest friend and Julia and Annie bonded as well. 

Annie and Julia were raised and educated together with the St. Clair’s footing the bill for Annie’s prestigious schooling.  But a series of events happened in their senior year to split apart the girls and the wedge it drove between them was deep.  Like all good feuds it was provoked by a boy and in this case it was Jake. 

Julia had just returned home to plan for her upcoming nuptuals when Annie and she are reunited at the fundraiser.   But just to make the mix interesting Jake (from high school) was a guest at the party as well.  I have always thought cupcakes should be used more in political diplomacy efforts, we just might heal some wounds that divide us globally.

Annie’s cupcakes are the hit of the event and Julia hatches an idea to open a cupcakery.  But when she contacts Annie, she does not receive the affirmative answer she expects.  But Annie’s friends let her know that she is insane especially given the amazing deal that Julia is offering her and she changes her mind and thus Treat is born. 

During the build out the store it is vandalized more then once. Neither of the women or the police can figure out who would want to do this. Treat opens to great acclaim but that is tempered by Annie’s feelings from the past, a secret Julia is keeping from her fiance Wes and then there is Jake. And lets not forget the vandal is still at large and then a hooded man starts to lurk.  Is he one and the same as the vandal? 

It is first and foremost about relationships and the chapters in HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE alternate between Julia and Annie which is a nice touch.  More then just Annie and Julie’s relationships are explored within but cupcakes are never far which is delicious.

I really enjoyed this book from the jacket to the last page.  I recommend HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE to anyone looking for a light read with a few surprises included.  But I do warn that it will make you crave cupcakes with every chapter.  This is definitely a book I would pack for any upcoming spring breaks!

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