Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly collaborate on LOVE IN A NUTSHELL

Oh it is always such a struggle to pick up a new book as I am often not done lingering over the previous read.  Upon hearing my dilemma, my hubby pulled out this Valentine’s Day treat a few days early, LOVE IN A NUTSHELL by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.  Hubby received several bonus points as he came to my rescue, it has love in the title and because this is so far from anything he would ever think to read or pick up.  

This is a standalone book with no tie in to Stephanie Plum.  Over the years I have read a number of her stand alone books and enjoyed them so I felt in good hands. In a week when love is in the air this was just the right recipe, it was light, with a touch of mystery for seasoning and of course a garnish of love. 

Kate Appleton moves back to her family’s summer house The Nutshell in Keene Harbor, Michigan after a divorce and nowhere else to turn.  Kate finds the house in disrepair and one step from foreclosure as she is not exactly flush with funds.  First order of business is to find a way to rescue the house and herself with it. 

Kate is desparate and demands a job from Depot Brewing owner Matt Culhane.  Matt just happens to be a the town’s heartbreaker who has elluded the females that line up to try and snag him. They strike up a deal that Kate is hoping will be her saving grace.  Along the way these two find love while trying to identify the culprit trying to sabotage Depot Brewing. 

If you are an Evanovich fan like me you will like this book. I am not familiar with Dorien Kelly but she adds local flavor as she is a MI resident and that is the setting for this story. 

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