Carrie Fisher is back in SHOCKAHOLIC – audiobook

So excited to spread the holiday cheer with you thanks to the folks at Simon Audio. I will have four different audio books to give away during December and frankly I am a little giveaway backed up so I have to get busy.

From the title of the post you might have gleaned SHOCKAHOLIC by Carrie Fisher is the first audiobook giveaway (3 copies).  Pretty much all I knew about Carrie Fisher was her iconic role as Princess Leia, supporting role in When Harry Met Sally and that her mom was the Debbie Reynolds.  Okay, I guess I knew she was a writer and heard she was rather adept at it but never picked up one of her best-selling prior works:   ‘Wishful Drinking’, ‘Surrender the Pink’, ‘Delusions of Grandma’, ‘The Best Awful’, and ‘Postcards from the Edge’.

SHOCKAHOLIC is a continuation of her self exploratory\explanatory autobiographical musings first seen in WISHFUL DRINKING.  I had the pleasure of seeing Carrie Fisher perform WISHFUL DRINKING on stage a month and a half ago and I thought she was brilliant.  I am not usually a fan of plays but she felt present in the moment, sincere, hysterical, appropriately sarcastic and just plain honest.  Frankly, I was sad when it ended.

If you are a fan of WISHFUL DRINKING you will love the continuation of Fisher’s autobiographical tales in SHOCKAHOLIC.  I was enthralled to hear Fisher’s reflective journey in her own words and in her own style. The material is not light-hearted but you will laugh out loud none-the-less.

In SHOCKAHOLIC, Fisher reveals more memories and encounters with her dad, Eddie Fisher, until he passes away.  Lets not forget her brief stepmother Elizabeth Taylor and then there is a sidetrack to Michael Jackson that runs a bit long.  Her problems with substance abuse are sprinkled over every part of her story like a favorite spice. And there is always talk about her mental state throughout and her shock treatment which is the inspiration for this title.

Yep, Fisher who has been battling many demons over the years and has started a course of electro convulsive treatment (ECT).  I know you are wondering how the heck can this be entertaining, but I promise you Fisher finds a way.  I definitely think this is one of those reads when audio would make all the difference.

I trust that Fisher will continue to fight her demons in whatever way she deems necessary.  But one thing is for sure we need more writing from Fisher.   I feel like I have a made a friend for life, Carrie I am here if you ever want to catch a hot chocolate.

Did I mention I love audiobooks and now you can win one to keep or re-gift this holiday season. Three lucky winners will receive a copy of SHOCKAHOLIC for their very own.  To enter this random contest please submit a comment below.  Do stop back as there will be more audiobook giveaways throughout the month.  Contest ends on Friday, December 9th at midnight.

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14 Responses to Carrie Fisher is back in SHOCKAHOLIC – audiobook

  1. Jackie Jones says:

    I want to hear more about the lucky chance you had to see her live! Carrie Fisher awesome!

    • poofbooks says:

      It was part of a ticket series but my theater buddy and I really were not excited. You see we are musical gals but we decided to go cause this gives us a chance to see each other as we live hours apart. To both of our surprise, we loved this from the start to the finish. It was laugh out loud hysterical but she was sharing such personal memories and they were not all good so sometimes it felt so naughty to be laughing out loud. At the end of the day you could not help yourself. Behind all of the wit and the clear talent there was clearly pain, humor and a cathartic feeling from the sharing. I would see this again if I had the chance without hesitation, I would not mind having a cup of something with her cause I think we could be friends.

  2. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  3. tinyturtle88 says:

    Audio books are my favorite! I can actually get thru one disc each day while riding into work and back. I can’t believe i only started! I can do two things at once! often times when there is a book that may not be as interesting when reading quietly, the narrator makes the book more interesting and keeps me going. I hope i win a copy-the 9th is my birthday!!! 🙂

  4. I’ve heard her books are really funny but haven’t read any yet. Have you read any Nora Ephron? I’ve heard the two compared in terms of writing style.

    I enjoy this sort of self-deprecating humor, and it sounds interesting. How cool that you got to see her!

    • poofbooks says:

      I have not read Nora Ephron but seen several of her movies. I also enjoy self-depricating humor. I seriously wanted to wait for her to come out of the stage door but then I thought that would just be awkward.

  5. Crystal Blackburn says:

    I would love to win a copy of Carries Fisher’s new book! She is a wonderful actress and a funny and insightful person.

  6. matkeltri says:

    Sounds very interesting. Love Carrie!

  7. susan viti says:

    Can’t wait to hear Carrie’s SHOCKAHOLIC!

  8. Leigh says:

    I had no idea the former Princess Lea had all this drama and, has been wiriting all down, to boot!
    Put me down for this…..:)

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