Shirley MacClaine has much to offer as she does it her way

As I sit in the ICU with my 83-year-old father in law I am reminded of the audiobook by Shirley MacClaine “I‘M OVER ALL THAT: AND OTHER CONFESSIONS”.  When I listened to it several months ago I was not sure what I thought, but I do know that I picked it up for some a number of people in my life, some fans of hers and others that I thought would gain from her words of emancipation.

This memoir features her life that includes: travel experiences, behind the scenes
Hollywood memories and some of these adventures being Shirley MacClaine afforded her and fused together make for quite a listen.  I loved her narrative voice as the words really took shape with her inflections and pauses the brilliant actress carries you away;  careful if you listen while you drive like I do.

While I have not always agreed with her views over the years and we don’t share the same politics, I still have a healthy respect for a life lived and choices made during that life.
And to have led the kind of life she has with her passion for is a gift to share with the rest of us indeed.

Sometimes we all need permission to do something and in this  listen MacClaine is giving everyone the permission to let go of norms and follow what your head and heart are telling you.  Don’t want to do something, don’t do it.  What you have earned when you reach the mature years is the right to do it your way and Shirley celebrates that in every chapter and on every disc.

Meeting her and talking to her for five minutes would be amazing but based on my propensity to run late I fear we would not start out on a good foot.  Oh and to see her wall of life that is captures so many of her memories and treasure of a stunning life
that most of us could only dream of.

To MacClaine I take my hat off and thank you for the hours and hours of joy you brought me as a girl watching those movies with my dad, it was the one special activity that we just shared together.   I wish you many adventures ahead and anytime you have more to share I will be on the other side to read or listen to them.

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