MOBBED: Mystery Light

Carol Higgins Clark has arrived with yet another Regan Reilly mystery.  I had the pleasure of listening to number fourteen via audiobook. While this did not have the murder/who dunnit formula I was expecting cause no one does it; I was still anxious to tune in.   Love audiobooks!

There are three storylines and Clark masterfully weaves them together. Regan was hired by her friend Hayley Patton regarding doubts she has about her boyfriend Scott. Regan is summoned to help her mother, Nora Regan Reilly with a situation on the Jersey Shore involving her friend Karen Frawley Fulton’s mom Edna Frawley.  Cleo Paradise, a hollywood actress, formerly a house guest of Edna Frawley who left in a hurry and has fallen off the grid.

So what do a cheating boyfriend, hasty house and garage sale and the missing ingénue have in common?  To delve in deeper would be a four alarm spoiler and I am never about that. What I can share is…

The three storylines unfold but during this time there is little suspense and it seemed I could be listening to fiction versus mystery.  Although, the most suspense surrounds Cleo as her star is rising and that makes those around her greedy in addition to she has been spooked a number of times.

Characters abound and we pick up more and more each chapter.  Most of them are disagreeable and any one of them seemed like they were capable of committing a crime and there is a sprinkling along the way.  With all the characters and one narrator, Michele Pawk, I found myself having to replay parts in order to make sure I was keeping everyone straight. First time I have had to do this with an audio book.

Coincidentally, the first audio book I ever listened to was LOVES MUSIC LOVES TO DANCE written by Clark’s lovely and talented mom Mary Higgins Clark, . While the two of these are like night and day in the excitement category, I will listen to another Regan Reilly mystery.

Note: it is best to go in with the thought this will be mystery light and then you will just enjoy the audio book that follows.  If you are taking a trip this is a perfect book to share the time with but not one that will make you drive off the road.  If you are going to the Jersey Shore, MOBBED is an accessory you should definitely not be without.

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