New York City A Backdrop for Love

In HEART OF THE CITY, author Ariel Sabar shares real stories of love that originated in New York City.  Intrigued by the importance that a location in New York played in his own parent’s story of love, Sabar took another look.  He was able to collect stories and retell them in the pages of this book with a small amount of artistic freedom.  The sheer beauty is the simplicity that is love while layering New York iconic backdrops. 

San Francisco move over because the couples in this book have left their hearts in New York City because it is where they found love as both residents and for some just a fated visit.  So many memorable places for love: Grand Central, The Subway, Times Square and The Met.  It sounds like a travel guide of New York and in some sense it is. But this travel guide ends and begins with love. 

Times Square is one of my favorite places to experience New York.  It is brash and sometimes scary but it is always full of energy that is New York.  Thus, I was drawn to the Times Square story that will forever give me goosebumps when I stand in the Square.

In Crossroads, master’s architecture student  Robin Miller in New York collecting research for her thesis on the design of a memorial for 9/11.  In a split second her life was changed forever when she encountered New York Police Department patrolman Marcel Sim and Miller.  Miller had heard patrolman Sim’s providing advice to other visitors to the city and she and her friends engaged him in conversation to find a place to eat where the locals go.  He was happy to provide this information and their love born in a chance meeting is just one of the tales that will warm your heart.   

Love occurs everyday in so many ways but these tales shared by Sabar wrap themselves around the reader with a gentle hug.  Should be required reading for anyone visiting the city and listen up NYC hotels it should be a must for each guest room.  Special love that begins is special places in New York City, I am ready for the second volume.

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