A Fairy Tale that Saved a Marriage

Valentine’s Day spurred me on to read PROJECT: HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I thought about posting this previously but had to give Valentine’s Day a proper arrival and send off prior to doing so; it is after all my favorite day of the year. While the book does indeed have a happy ending, boy it was a heck of a ride to get there.

Alisa Bowman was years into her marriage when she realized she could no longer stand her husband. Now I know what you are thinking, if you are reading this and have either been married or you are currently married, this is nothing new. But in this case, Bowman continued in the marriage by planning her husband’s funeral. Yep, that is correct.

Rather then just walk away from the marriage a fortuitous encounter with her divorced friend Deb encouraged her to try everything to make it work before walking away. So Alisa went back home and decided to do just that. She thought about counseling but decided to do it on her own with any number of books she picked up along the way.

Taking the advice of one of the books she started to communicate with her husband. Boy this part of the book was hard to read. Okay most of it was hard to read. Not because of bad writing; in fact, Bowman has supported her family with her writing. It was just the blunt honesty of one women’s journey to save her marriage that read like a reality show.

As a happily married woman I am not sure I can recommend this for everyone. Although I did kiss my husband and thank him profusely after reading Bowman’s PROJECT: HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I have had a week of perspective now and I do think if you are day dreaming about divorce this might just be the book you need to pick up. I don’t think Bowman or I can guarantee the result but it is worth it.

Alisa Bowman started a blog to record her journey and it was just a short time before others joined in. To learn more about the book and view the blog that started it all visit http://www.projecthappilyeverafter.com/.

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