With Valentine’s Day just around the corner COMMITTED is out in paperback.  If you were among the 8 million+ people who read Elizabeth Gilbert’s runaway best seller or saw the movie and have been waiting patiently for the next installment to be available in paperback, your wait is over. 

EAT, PRAY, LOVE begins with Gilbert’s crushing bathroom scene where her despair was spilling out over her life and marriage.  Gilbert is lucky enough to receive an advance for a book that allows her to visit Italy to Bali and spots in between to find her inner peace.  She ends up finding love with Felipe a Brazilian-born man with Australian citizenship who had been living in Bali.  These soul mates take a vow to each other and to never marry as they  both survived divorces and wanted at all costs to never go through it again. 

But just as in most “perfect” love stories a complication has arisen that threatens all they have found together and even their vows.  U.S. Immigration has detained Felipe and ruled that he was forbidden from entering American borders unless they were married.  Now what? If you are Felipe and Elizabeth you set out on an Asian adventure for ten months. 

COMMITTED is a Gilbert’s offering of the study of marriage and love.  She explores  couples and their relationship in her quest to soul search the predicament she finds herself in.  Through personal reflection and input from sources Gilbert shares her findings within the pages of COMMITTED.  These sources include: interviews;  Rutgers study: “Alone Together: How Marriage is Changing in America”; and even looking to her mother and grandmother’s marriages as well.  

Continue on Elizabeth and Felipe’s journey to find out if these marriage skeptics find the peace and being able to tie the knot or forever part.  Fans of Gilbert’s EAT, PRAY, LOVE which sparked emotion, curiosity and accord in women around the globe offers another chapter told with the same frank wit as the first chapter.    To celebrate the release of the paperback Gilbert is hitting the road, visit both of these sites to see if she is coming to a location near you:,,sapid_1000041255,00.html,

GIVEAWAY: I have a copy of COMMITTED for you.  To win just email or comment below with your favorite Elizabeth Gilbert takeaway.

NOTE: Winner must have a U.S. address.

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