Joseph Bastianich, a Smooth but Flavorful Italian Wine Tour Guide

GRANDI VINI: an opinionated tour of Italy’s 89 finest wines a guide that reads like a collection of non-fiction stories.  Bastianich is able to access places that are off the beaten track and share stories behind the grapes, wineries and wines that are showcased in this book. Far from your standard wine guide, it provides history, custom and a peek behind the curtain that, unlike Oz, will not disillusion the reader or Dorothy.

 As a non wine aficionado and rarely a wine consumer I was just not interested in this book for myself.  Although that cover was appealing and when I flipped it over I jot it down as a gift idea for male and female wine lovers on my list. In fact, my sister-in-law who traveled to Italy this year had said that learning about the local wines was one of the highlights of the trip.

A few weeks ago Bastianich appeared on The Today Show with his mom, the infamous Lydia Bastianich, and I made a mental note to get ahold of the book.  As such, the folks at Clarkson Potter were kind to respond to my request and sent over a copy and once I started to read it I could not stop.

Inside GRANDI VINI we traveled around Italy region by region, city by city and wine by wine till I was at 89 and did not want to get off the tour bus. One of the wines that stood out for me in the book was Kurni from the Marche region.  Marco Casolanetti and his wife Eleonora Rossi own and run Oasi degli Angeli winery. They produce Kurni which Bastianich credits social media largely for its rise to popularity.

Joe you were an excellent guide and I loved the journey. I told my husband that I was interested in trying every wine in this book and he was shocked and amazed at this development.  However, when I did look up Kurin I found that bottles are just shy of $100.00 which puts it on the special event list but it is now on the top of that list.

Lastly, I sent a tweet to Joe Bastianich (@Jbastianich) regarding the book, this seemed appropriate based on the social media comment about Kurin.  I did receive a prompt reply that RESTAURANT MAN will be out next year and that has already gone on my do not miss read list for 2011.

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1 Response to Joseph Bastianich, a Smooth but Flavorful Italian Wine Tour Guide

  1. Valerie says:

    Will check this out. I bought the 2005 rendition of “Vino Italiano” and brought it with me on every tour my wine studies program would take – mostly for familiarization with regions (Piemonte, Fruili-Venezia-Giulia, Alto Adige, etc.) My wine teacher got so tired of me always referencing the book, but ended up using it as a text for an Italian Wines course the next semester; he gave in and realized there wasn’t a better book out there for this purpose.

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