Three best-selling authors present their books picks on The Today Show

Three best-selling authors Patricia Cornwell, Warren Brown and Jonathan Adler present holiday picks by other authors.  If you saw the segment on the show this morning, please click on the link at the end of this post because there are more picks then shown on the air.  I found that a number of their picks would be good holiday treats for me too. 

Patricia Cornwell, author of “Port Mortuary”, provided fiction and non-fiction picks.  Cornwell definitely made me put two books on my list of not to miss read that had previously been absent.  First, “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin which explores the world of fine art auctions which is not in my sphere but I liked her description of this book as mixed media fiction.  The discussion of how Martin embedded text photographs of actual paintings to give this a different look and feel for a book in this space.  Second, “A Reliable Wife” by Robert Goolrick that I had passed over this book any number of times even though cover art is eye catching.  It was Cornwell’s description of the story as a period piece both ugly and lovely featuring a new bride plotting the demise of her new husband saying that you cannot put it down.

Warren Brown, author of “United Cakes of America” presents books for foodies. These picks were well rounded.  They ran the gamut from French cooking,  “Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes From My Home to Yours” By Dorie Greenspan; to a practical how to guide “Illustrated Cook’s Book of Ingredients” by Publishing staff of Dorling Kindersley. My favorite from his picks “Food Stylist’s Handbook” by Denise Vivaldo which shows the behind the scenes of what goes into TV, shows and photo shoots to make that food we view look the way it does.  What a great sneak peek and perfect for the individual that is thinking about this career.   

Jonathan Adler, author of “Happy Chic Accessorizing” and “Happy Chic Colors” covered table top books.  This designer chose some predictable but then his last pick of the on air piece definitely intrigued me, “Untouched” by Johnny Rozsa.  He has shot almost every celebrity but these photos are “as is” with the magic of technology.  Actress Susan Sarandon provides the introduction to this table top gem.    

 View The Today Show piece click on this link,  What books are on your wish list and what are you recommending this year?  Place a comment on this post or send an email  

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